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Second Mortgage Loan

Get the most from your property.
Achieve your financial goals faster and easier.
Terms and conditions apply to the above services, which are subject to the final approval.
The Second Mortgage Loan
Made for You
Accept all type and
age of properties
No Limitation
Income proof
stress testing are not required
Express approval
Within 15 minutes
No penalty fee
early settlement
Terms and conditions apply to the above services, which are subject to the final approval.

Improve Cash Flow with Second Mortgage Loan

Loan amount up to HK$10 million
Loan to value ratio up to 80%
APR as low as 12%
Repayment up to 120 months
Cash transfer within 24 hours
Second Mortgage Loan
Flats under the HOS / Public Housing with land permises paid
Private Property
Second Mortgage Loan
Industrial & Commercial Buildings and Shops
Second Mortgage Loan free of charge
Income proof waived
Exempt handling fee
Exempt legal fee
Exempt valuation fee
Two press 15 minutes to approve

Initial approval in 15 minutes. Cash transfer in as fast as 24 hours

Second press cash out

Proposed by professionals to achieve speedy cashout

Terms and conditions apply to the above services, which are subject to the final approval.
Any Property Types accepted
Any properties that have already been used as collateral can still be used for a second mortgage loan application. We accept properties of all types, such as private housing estates, tenement houses, public housing estates and housing under the Home Ownership Scheme (with the premium payment paid), village houses, commercial properties and street shops, office buildings, car parks, or lands, regardless of the age of the properties.
Easy Application Process
Second Mortgage Solution
Express Property Loan Service

Faster, Simpler, More Flexible Property Loan

Other Banks
Up to 50% of the property value
(excluding Mortgage Insurance Programme)
2 months at least
HKID, proof of address, property address, deed, employment contract, salary slips for the past 3 to 6 months, bank statements for the past 3 to 6 months, tax slips, etc.
Some banks charge clients for
the handling fees, legal fees, and valuation fees
Up to 10 million
or 80%
Initial approval in 15 minutes.
Cash transfer in as fast as 24 hours
property address
Handling fees, legal fees,
and valuation fees are exempted
*Figures above are for reference only. Application results may vary for individual banks
*Applicable to applications with a loan amount of $11.25 million. The maximum loan to value ratio would decrease should the property price inflate
*Terms and conditions apply. The actual amount borrower receives shall be the approved loan amount offered.

Second Mortgage Loan

No limitation on the type and age of properties

As a business owner, I was $500k in debt amid the gloomy economic downturn. In need of $600k cash to pay off my debt and day-to-day expenses of the company, I turned to the bank to apply for a second mortgage loan. Even though the value of my property had gone up drastically, the bank took considerable precaution when reviewing my application, as the purpose of this loan application was to repay debts. I was required to provide my income proof, stress test, financial reports, and other documents. Alas, my application was rejected.

Fortunately, I learned about Konew Financial Express online. Under the assistance of the professional team, I could use the 12-year-old 1,100 ft private estate as collateral and apply for an interest-only mortgage plan. The entire process was quick and straightforward. I wasn’t asked to provide irrelevant financial documents. I received my loan on the same day, which was of great help in solving the pressing needs of my business.
Loan Amount
Repayment Period
12 months
Monthly Flat Rate*
*interest only
Monthly Repayment Amount
Real Life Case
Second Mortgage Loan case Mr. Cai
Mr. Choi, owner of a garment company
The above examples are for reference only. The final interest rate that customers can enjoy will vary according to their personal credit status, please contact our company for details.


I've already got a First Mortgage loan from a bank or financial institution, will Konew Financial Express accept my application for a Second Mortgage loan?
The property owner can apply for a second mortgage loan application without submitting the deed.
Can I sell out the property during the repayment period?
You can sell the property during the repayment period. You can inform us of your decision as soon as you have reached an agreement on the price with the buyer and signed the provisional agreement for sale and purchase. We will set the deal date as the cut-off date and calculate the balance of the repayment.
Can an existing Konew Financial Express customer apply for a revolving loan?
Yes, we will set up a stand-by credit limit for existing customers of Konew Financial Express to shorten the re-approval process. This will help property owners quickly solve their urgent funding needs.
Is the loan application handled by solicitors?
To provide excellent and reliable mortgage loan service to our customers, Konew entrusts sizable law firms in Central to handle all loan applications.