SME Loan

SME Loan

  • Loan amount up to HK$5,000,000
  • No collateral required
  • No hidden fees and penalty interest for advance repayment
  • Approval in as fast as 3 working days
  • Full-term interest only is available
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Konew Financial Express provides flexible loan solution to SME. Business owners of SME can enjoy special rate to minimize their operational cost. Konew helps customers with their financial needs with speedy and simple application process. No collateral is required.

Mr. Leung has run houseware retail business for years. As it is a family business, an old system was used for recoding inventory and cashier. When Mr. Leung is getting old, he planned to retire and hand over his business to his son.
Mr. Leung’s son would like to adopt point of sale (POS) system for inventory status tracking and invoice management. Thus, sales status could be tracked; and the most popular product category could be identified. Mr. Leung could further formulate sales strategy accordingly to optimize cost and maximize operational efficiency. However, Mr. Leung only had limited cash flow for such revamp, which required a considerable amount of investment.

Mr. Leung approached Konew Financial Express for SME loan solution, which no collateral is required. Mr. Leung’s application is approved and thus his business can be transformed successfully.

Few months later, Mr. Leung discussed with Customer Service Representative of Konew and agreed to authorize Konew connecting with his POS system. Analyzing the sales data, Konew can approve for a higher loan amount for Mr. Leung to expand his business.

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