Second Mortgage Loan

  • Easy procedures, no income proof is required
  • Express and easy application
  • Exempt handling fee, valuation fee and legal fee

Second Mortgage Loan is suitable for House Owners whose properties are still under first mortgage. Outstanding principal balance of the original mortgage can be kept.

Mr Choi is a business owner of a clothes manufacturing company. Unfortunately, one of his customers failed to pay an arrear of HK$500,000. At the same time, he needed to pay numerous operation cost as well. He needed a total of HK$600,000 to ease his financial pressure. Mr Choi initially wanted to apply loan from Bank. The bank required him to provide detailed business reports and the procedures were complicated. The bank eventually rejected his application as there are strict limitations on the usage of loan, especially when it is for the purpose of repaying debt. At last, Mr Choi solved his business crisis by applying for Second Mortgage Loan with Konew Financial Express, using his 1100 sq.ft private flat of 12 years old as collateral to. The process was quick and no financial report is required.

You can apply for our loan service online or through our customer service hotline. Konew provides you with express application: 15 minutes for initial evaluation and cash transfer within 24 hours