Debt Restructuring Loan

  • Flexible loan tenor
  • Reduced interest expense
  • Free financial analysis to customize your loan solution

Debt Restructuring Loan is tailor-made to free you from the financial burden of all debt. It provides you with high loan amount to clear-up your debts with a lower interest rate.

Ms. Wan is a senior manager of a listed company, which provides her with a stable income. With a lack of financial management stratagems, she keeps borrowing money from different financial institutes until she discovered that the interest expense has already taken up a large proportion of her monthly income. Her friend introduced the Debt Restructuring Loan service of Konew Financial Express to her. By pledging her property as collateral, she is able to clear-up all debts after half year, which saved a fortune in interest charges.

You can apply for our loan service online or through our customer service hotline. Konew provides you with express application: 15 minutes for initial evaluation and cash transfer within 24 hours