Mortgage Express

  • Speedy Arrival
  • Speedy Application
  • Speedy Approval

"Mortgage Express" fleet service is a brand new service in Hong Kong, which house owners do not need to visit our office in person to apply for loan. Even if your houses are located in remote areas, fleet service can provided you with the most accurate property loan information and even get loan approval in the shortest possible time.

"Mortgage Express" fleet service team is committed to provide outstanding service to customers with 3 promises: ‘Speedy Arrival, Speedy Application, and Speedy Approval!’ The car is equipped with a full range of communication equipment, such as video call system and Fax etc, which allows house owners to consult Konew Financial Express’s customer service representatives on our mortgage solution directly. In addition, a variety of drinks are prepared in the car for home owners. Regardless of the location, our fleet service team will arrive at your door-step whenever our customers are in need and help them to apply for mortgage in the shortest time.

You can apply for our loan service online or through our customer service hotline. Konew provides you with express application: 15 minutes for initial evaluation and cash transfer within 24 hours